Short Story Appraisal

Your appraisal will be done by Linda McVeigh, who has several short story competition wins under her belt, including The Asham Award, judged by Sarah Waters, and The Brighton Prize.

She can provide honest feedback and advice to help knock your writing into the best possible shape. This will include comments on characterisation, setting, structure, point of view, dialogue, etc. Every story will be read at least twice so that considered, constructive feedback can be given.

We provide a fast turnaround (maximum 10 days, but usually less) and offer competitive rates.

For stories of up to 2000 words                  £25

Up to 3000 words                                            £34

Up to 4000 words                                            £40

Up to 5000 words                                            £50

Email your work to us If you are aiming to enter a competition and want us to comment on your story’s suitability for it, just let us know.

If you are writing a novel-length work and would like support with this, you might like to consider our online novel writing programme or a manuscript appraisal by Sarah Palmer (rates on request).