Manuscript Appraisal – Novels

It’s very difficult to assess your own creative work, particularly a longer piece like a novel. While friends and family can be very helpful in pointing out the strengths and weaknesses of your work, there is real benefit to having a professional overview – someone who will read your work from the position of a reader, agent or publisher whose opinion won’t be skewed by their relationship with the author.

A good novel appraisal examines every element of your piece, from setting, characterisation and narrative arc to pacing and structure. Our detailed editorial reports offer constructive, honest insight into every manuscript, with the aim of getting your story into the best shape possible.

Sarah Palmer has edited adult and young adult novels for a range of publishers including Orion, Hachette and Honno, as well as numerous private clients.


‘excellent standard’

Felicity Johnson, Orion Children’s Books and Indigo