Welcome to WritingSussex, home of writers and creative teachers Sarah Higbee, Linda McVeigh and Sarah Palmer. Our range of inspiring classes are for writers at all levels – from beginners to those with creative writing experience.

Workshops in Shoreham – on Monday mornings and Thursday evenings – offer a regular opportunity for writers to hone their skills with a variety of exercises, discussion, and the opportunity for informal feedback.

We also offer an online course, as well as a feedback service for your short stories and novels.

Between the three of us we have years of teaching experience (including Northbrook College, University of Brighton short courses) – classes which have been described by our students as ‘inspirational’, ‘funny’, ‘motivating’ and ‘fab’.

And when we’re not teaching, we’re writing. Have a look at About Us to read more about Sarah, Linda and Sarah.

For further information email WritingSussex at writingsussex@gmail.com.

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